Historical archive

When the archive containing centuries of parish history is damaged by water infiltration, when the community does not have sufficient funds to secure the premises where it is located, when the competent authorities and the bureaucracy cannot find a solution to the problem, when there is the risk of seeing the documents irreparably damaged or, just as serious, of seeing them moved far from the parish, here comes the desire to copy as many documents as possible and to make them accessible , at least virtually through the creation of a site,  to everyone, including people who have ascendants from Mirabello but who are living elsewhere, not only in Italy, but also in very distant countries such as Australia , Argentina or the United States.

Our parish historical archive (APM) contains volumes and scattered papers of various kinds, such as the documents concerning the Confraternities, the bishops’ visits, the books of accounts, the minutes of the Regency meetings, the Books of Souls. Having to decide where  to begin  the transcription from , we have privileged the registers of baptisms and marriages, which are certainly of immediate interest in the case of a research on one’s origins. The registration  of baptisms, marriages and deaths starts from 1562, but our transcription starts from 1920, i.e. from the most recent documents whose transcription is legally allowed and we have  proceeded backwards. The documents will be updated little by little , as the lengthy transcription work is still in progress.